Perfume Log


Sidonie Lancesseur P Frapin & Cie 2010
07 Mar 2024 Dinner at home 2ml sample

Very sweet, creamy. Quite soft, ended up spraying 5 times, but it was a nice amount for having dinner indoors.

Scared me because it was a bit shampooy for a sec., but that went away. Mostly warm, creamy, smooth fruitiness.

Reminds me of dried fruit (sultanas, dates…) soaking in brandy or Pedro Ximénez or something.

Purple Suede

Ilias Ermenidis Goldfield & Banks 2022
05 Mar 2024 ? 2ml sample

Fruity, a little smokey at the start. But mostly moisturiser cream, sour, stuffy. Kinda reminds me of old person home.


Alessandro Gualtieri Orto Parisi 2014
04 Mar 2024 Cooling, early evening 1.5ml sample

Lovely sweetness and fizzy, smokey patchouli to start. Gets woody. Has that nice sharp sweet/sour/green note Gualtieri seems to like. Subtle powderiness, maybe rose and very sweet notes that sits really nicely on my skin, or maybe it’s lavender. Smelt like an old lady perfume plus smokiness for a bit, then went back to the nice smokey sweetness from the start

It’s nice, but the way some people talk about this guy’s perfume had me expecting a lot more.

Fig Leaf

? Demeter ?
03 Mar 2024 Sunny morning outside 1.5ml sample

Not as accurate as I was expecting, so only an alternative to Philosykos because it costs ten times less. A slightly watery, slightly soapy fig tree smell. It sweetens. Sometimes smells soapier, sometimes powdery.

Missing the sharp earthiness I like about fig smell, but nice like taking a bath full of fig leaves.

Blue Gin

Alberto Morillas Mizensir 2021
01 Mar 2024 Sunny morning outside 1.5ml sample

Very fruity, floral smell to start, fresh but without the Lynx smell. A sweet, white floral scent once it dried, very fake citrus, not normally me, but it’s been nice to wear walking round to different shops. Smell hung around me in a nice way. Gets a little soapy, like that soapy, powerdery, iris or something. but still fresh.

About an hour in I get an interesting heat, notes say Sichuan pepper—

Dunno what it’s got to do with gin.

Another case of notes saying cardamom but me not getting anything like cardamom. Starting to distrust Europeans RE cardamom.


Alessandro Gualtieri Orto Parisi 2017
27 Feb 2024 Warm afternoon at home 1.5ml sample

Got a bit nervous after the last one, just just did half a spray. But this is really interesting. A very sweet lolly smell, with burnt wood from a campfire, and something else that’s familiar but I can’t place, but something warm and a bit animalic, maybe stuffy. Intriguing smell. Or is it a vegetable soup? Someone’s leather jacket? Maybe it just reminds me of being in a shisha bar, it’s that kind of sweetness, but the smokiness is too woody.

Probably a bit too simple for me to want to buy, even though it’s interesting.


Alessandro Gualtieri Orto Parisi 2014
27 Feb 2024 Sunny morning 1.5ml sample

Just smelling the bottle’s been a bit off-putting, very alcoholly smell. Right after spraying it’s not nice either, very harsh citrus.

Yeah, had to wash it off after giving it a chance for a couple of hours, just got harsh cleaning chemicals the whole time. People raving about it online though :/

Bonne Chauffe

Maehb McCurtin P Frapin & Cie 2016
26 Feb 2024 Evening 1.5ml sample

Whisky! Yum! Sweet, caramelly whisky, not a peaty one, but still a sharp alcohol element. There’s a nice herbiness, too. Gets sweeter. Has that great projection thing ll the kids are talking about, lovely whisky smell wafting around me at my desk. You can smell the oak barrel.

Supposed to be cognac rathar than scotch, don’t think I’ve ever smelt that though.

This was recced by the staff at Lore because another sample I wanted wasn’t available. Nice choice.

Black Calamus

? Carner Barcelona 2016
26 Feb 2024 Cold morning 1.5ml sample

Another freebie, but it sounds more interesting, earthy, unusual green notes, spices, florals, oud…

Yeah, I really like this so far. Sparkling smokeyness, reminds me a bit of the smell of fresh bandages. Makes me think of a morgue.

Background sweetness comes out later. Kinda fruity, juicy. Vanilla comes out.

Overall really nice aftershavey sharpness and dryness, warm and resinous. And smells like bandages. Really like it.

Hmmm. Gets much more floral later. Still wood and incense and vanilla, but powdery rose is the main smell. Makes me like it less, but If I was going to get a perfume this’d be it. Maybe that’s why I made the colour for this post a grey-red; I knew it was coming…

Villa Néroli

Alexandra Carlin BDK ?
25 Feb 2024 Hot arvo 1.5ml sample

Got this as a freebie in an order, have never liked neroli when I’ve smelt it, but giving it a go.

Very much a powdery white floral scent, a little bit grassy. Fragrantica said there’s a lot of citrus, that’s why I was interested, but I’m only getting a very faint amount in the background. I thought this had a chance to be Summery, but neroli is very stuffy to me. Starts to become sweet and vanillay.

Ended up washing it off.

Gris Charnel

Mathilde Bijaoui BDK 2019
23 Feb 2024 Cool arvo 1.5ml sample

This is gorgeous too. Slighty smokey and something else intriguing—is it green?, is it floral? Gets creamier, similar kind of spikey spiciness as Fig Extasy, but less harsh, but also not figgy . . . maybe lightly figgy…

I’d like it to be stronger, curious about the extrait version now. Yeah, reminding me of Fig Extasy more and more, but a creamier version. Really nice.

Enjoying having a cool day again to test smells like this :)

When I went to bed it smelt like wet coconut pulp.