Perfume Log


Antonio Gardoni Bogue 2014
20 Jul 2024 Post-stormy Winter morning 1ml decant

Aldehydey then quickly floral, kinda buzzing between, sharp, I like it so far. Flower-scented bug spray. Goes well with a sharp breeze. I was worried it would go more floral but it’s got an almost chocolatey note. Oh, I think that’s the civet turning up. Thick, smokey, lavender-like floralness,

Wearing it outside in the cold I like it more, inside it’s more floral. It’s a kinda wearing a shirt and no jacket even though it’s cold smell, like maybe the perfume would warm you just enough.

Makes me think of a Gualtieri perfume but with more depth, less obnoxious sweetness.

I don’t think other people would like smelling this on me :)

The name is funny to me because ‘mai’ in Italian means ‘never’, but this is like a cat screaming it or something.


Jean-Christophe Hérault Comme des Garçons 2012
12 Jul 2024 Bright Winter day 2ml sample

Hard to get a read on this because the sample comes in a silly vial with no sprayer.

I saw ‘green’ and thought it would be vetivery (all my vetiver samples are out on loan and I was craving it). It’s more like one of those Lynx-smelling perfumes, I can’t tell if I like it more than others or if it’s just because I can barely smell it. I tipped it twice on one wrist and once on the other and it was gone almost straight away.

I was also interesting in smelling green pepper, but turns out when perfume places say green pepper they mean green capsicum.

Notice I didn’t make this post green . . .


Antonio Gardoni Bogue 2017
04 Jul 2024 Icy Winter day 1ml decant

Looking at some reviews as I write this and I dunno if I have something else because all I get is jasmine plus some other flower.

I’ve been trying to think if there’s any situation where I’d want to wear floral perfumes like this, but I can’t think of one. I think I’m thinking that way because these seems like a nice floral, but they’re just not something I want to smell a lot.

L'Air du Desert Marocain

Andy Tauer Tauer 2005
04 Jul 2024 Icy Winter day 1ml decant

Smokey—I think both patchouli and lavender—spicy, dry, and an artificial fruity or maybe floral sweetness. I kinda like smelling it, but think it’s a gross smell to wear. Reminds me of some Tom Ford a perfume shop person sprayed on me at an airport. Doesn’t seem to change over time. Actually, it reminds me of mosquito repellent.

Actually, at the end of the day, after I’d washed it off a little, it was really nice and sweet. Reminded me a little of the Powdered Veil one I like, a rosey musk with something a bit bitter in the background.


Bruno Fazzolari Fzotic 2013
27 Jun 2024 Summer Winter day 1ml decant

Perfumey, floral, neroli, patchouli opening; the kind of thing I don’t like, but I start wondering will I become a floral perfume wearing person, is this one I could wear?

After a couple of minutes some lolly citrus comes in, a bit artificial though. Still smokey and powdery, still almost sticks in my throat. I think the citrus does a lot to balance the smokiness, but it’s still that citrus I don’t like. People say grapefruit, I think I get why they say that, but it’s fake grapefruit with sugar on it.

Put on four perfumes visiting my brother, so having a go at putting them all together in one post (it works!). This was couple of weeks ago, so just going off the barely-useful little notes I wrote.

Terre d'Hermès

Jean-Claude Ellena Hermès 2006
14 Jun 2024 ? 2 sprays

Has the kind of harsh citrus I don’t like. That’s mostly what i get. Maybe vetiver contributes to that harshness?

Later in the day and the next day I really liked the smell of this on my clothes/cuff. Really lasted well, even from only a few sprays (but from a proper bottle).

Tabacco Toscano

? Santa Maria Novella 2008
14 Jun 2024 ? 2 sprays

Nice sweetness. Don’t know if I get tobacco, but there’s a warm woody earthiness so maybe it’s that.

Maybe slightly regret not visiting SMN when I was in Florence, as this was on my list of things to try, but it was super touristy and I already wasn’t enjoying Italian perfume shop vibes. Maybe too nice for me, but I’d like a sample. I think I remember not liking the vanilla so much later.


Bruno Fazzolari Fzotic 2018
14 Jun 2024 ? 2 sprays

My fave of the 4? Not as vetivery as i was expecting (but my experience is pretty limited, I probably don’t really know what vetiver is, or different kinds anyway). Feels like balanced vetiver. Really nice kind of sweetness.

Attendre & Espérer

Meabh McCurtin P Frapin & Cie 2023
14 Jun 2024 ? 2 sprays

Nice caramel for a while, but real caramel, not like the Werthers one I tried the other day. Other smells I can’t identify, but I like.


? Ellis Brooklyn 2021
12 Jun 2024 Cold day 2ml sample

Got this as a freebie with a voucher I got as a present. A bit moisturisery, but not bugging me. Light sweetness. Kinda get chocolate, salty caramel. Too floral for me. Reminds me of something else I’ve smelt, but can’t remember what, maybe a Gualtieri one. Gets very sweet. Kinda like if someone was sucking on a hard caramel took it out, then stuck it on my wrist.

Petrichor Plains

? Mihan Aromatics 2019
12 Jun 2024 Bright, raining, cold day 2ml sample

Don’t smell petrichor at all. Smells wet I guess, but oo light. Quite floral, especially notice a stuffy (iris?) floral element as bodywash fades. More like damp wood, which sounds nice, but also has that aquatic bodywash smell I don’t like. That element is more tolerable here though, just crashes the damp wood smell. Burns my nose a bit. No asphalt element. I get a hint of tobacco. A bit car air freshener. Aquatic note turns melony.

Guilty Story

? Mihan Aromatics 2017
12 Jun 2024 Bright, raining, cold day 2ml sample

Straight away full, smooth, spicy wood. Maybe a spicier, vanillaier version of Wood Infusion by G&B. Reminds me a bit of the Tom Fords and stuff I smelt in airports, seems nice, but nothing interesting or intriguing or exciting about it. Maybe it’s the vanilla. After a bit I mostly just get vanilla.

Sienna Brume

? Mihan Aromatics 2017
11 Jun 2024 Gloomy day 2ml sample

First smell is suncreamy and floral. Notes say sage and Autumn dew—. Fake coconutty takes over, very vanillary, still sometimes slightly floral. Smells like something a teenage girl would wear, that she got at the supermarket or something. Does evoke warmth, sunshine, being a teenager, school holidays at the beach with friends. I don’t want to smell anything like that. Not-opening notes say clove, cinnamon bark, patchouli, the fuck—.

Munlark Ash

Josh Mihan & Jules Brown Mihan Aromatics 2020
07 Jun 2024 Confusing Winter day 2ml sample

Sharp vetiver and pepper. Always get a nice sharp, waxy, cypress/cedar (not actually sure which) smell from vetiver too, like walking in a cemetery, solemn.

I think it goes a little soapy, almost floral.

All the elements I like fade within an hour. I prefer the other vetiver sample I have (Lorenzo Villoresi). Soapiness is bugging me.

Later: soapiness turns into smokiness.